Dressing for the Eyes of God

closet of clothes

What if, during a Sunday morning service, a man came barging through the doors of our church and began to loudly use profanity! Of course, nobody would allow such an act in one of our services. While this example may seem a bit extreme, something takes place in many churches every week that can be just as much of a distraction from what God is wanting to accomplish in His service– a woman’s immodest dress.

Ladies, it is a sin to dress immodestly. And may God help us not to bring immodesty into the very meeting place where we gather together to win the lost and encourage one another in purity and godly living!

Satan is very deceptive. God gives us the truth and Satan contradicts His truth. God says that women should “adorn themselves in modest apparel” (1 Tim. 2:9). Satan then questions what immodest apparel really is. He also sets the world before us with example after example of terribly immodest apparel, so that the immodest apparel some choose doesn’t seem all that immodest any longer in comparison.

Some may ask, “What is the definition of modest clothing?” Here is a question for anyone struggling with that question– why are you struggling with this question? Are you trying to get as close to the line of sin as possible? Are you dressing to please the eyes of men or the eyes of God? If you are dressing to please God, then I don’t think this really becomes an issue any longer. The choice then automatically becomes one that is nowhere near the line of sin. Our dress standards will be right because we have a right view of God. We will wear nothing that has a question mark hanging over it.

Is a lady to blame for her immodest dress? Yes. But I believe there are others at whose feet the blame should be cast as well. If a wife (or daughter) who is dressing improperly has a husband (or father) who calls himself a Christian, as the leader of the home, he is the one who is accountable. While some women may not be completely aware of how men are affected by a woman’s immodesty, men are certainly aware of it! Men, be sure your wife and daughters are dressing for the eyes of God. Take the lead in your home. You will gain a new respect from her as she sees your love and concern for her, and for the work of the Lord.

Who else is to blame? With all due respect, I believe “aged” women in our churches are also to blame. God has set forth an important ministry in Titus 2, “The aged women likewise… That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste… that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Dear older saint, please remember that God has given you the responsibility of a teaching ministry to those younger women of your church. The next time you see someone in the church dressing inappropriately, instead of gossiping about her, maybe you should ask yourself if you are partly to blame, and then kindly and lovingly speak to her about it. There may be some who have never had a good example to follow and need you to help them. While some will not listen, you may be surprised who will.

This issue is a concern for many church leaders today. Most of God’s children are not intentionally trying to hinder the work of the Lord. Most Christian ladies do not put on a certain outfit with the intention of distracting a lost soul or placing a stumbling block before a fellow believer. But when we catch ourselves dressing for the eyes of men rather than God, we can become exactly what we never intended to be– a tool of Satan. Have a humble, godly attitude toward this serious issue, and make necessary changes in order to be an effective tool for God.

God loves you dear lady! Be a shining example of a beautiful daughter of the King. Let Him have His way with thee!

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